Consultancy services at Accomodo

The key to a
sound business

Adding one of our consultants to your team better equips you to make the right decisions and optimise the financial performance of your business.

We have considerable experience from a wide range of sectors and can provide excellent advice with regard to tax optimisation, capital expansion, liquidity management and the buying and selling of companies. We also provide assistance with investments, value and risk assessments, negotiations and communication with government agencies.

One of the advantages of using our consultants instead of, for instance, a bank consultant, is that we are impartial and neutral. We have no obligations or products that we are required to sell, making our advice motivated entirely by your best interest.

Our consultants maintain a complete overview of changes to legislation and regulations that may affect you, so that you do not miss out on any opportunities or experience a sudden financial calamity. They can also provide advice on such matters as issuances and capital recovery, as well as services related to tax settlements, assessments and returns.

All of our consultants are certified through the consultancy programme offered by Regnskap Norge, a professional society and trade organisation for certified accountants in Norway. This ensures that all advice meets the highest ethical standards and always complies with the latest laws and regulations.

As can be expected, our consultants are highly competent and versatile professionals and the list of advice topics they cover is much longer than there is space for here. So, we recommend simply contacting us to tell us your specific needs and we’ll take it from there.

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