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Sustainable Accounting

There is a growing demand for responsible and transparent business practices, and sustainability is essential for any company. With our expertise in accounting and sustainability, we are the ideal choice for companies looking to implement sustainability reporting in line with the Nordic Sustainability Reporting Standard (NSRS).

Sustainability reporting shows that your company takes responsibility for its actions and contributes positively to society. This can enhance your reputation and attract more customers, partners, and investors.

By identifying environmental and social risks in your business, you can take proactive measures to minimize them and protect your company from potential harm.

Sustainability reporting provides insights into how your company operates and which areas can be optimized to save resources and reduce waste.

Our reporting follows internationally recognized standards and fulfills the requirements of sustainability reporting.

Our experienced team of accounting experts and sustainability consultants are dedicated to helping your company succeed in the field of sustainability. We offer tailored solutions that suits your business. Our approach ensures that we understand your company, identify key indicators, and create reports that provide meaningful insights.

We guide you through the entire process, from data collection and analysis to report creation. For instance, “scope” categorizes emissions into different levels of indirectness and control.



Direct emissions of greenhouse gases from the company’s internal activities, such as burning fossil fuels.

Accomodo bærekraftsrapportering scope 1

Indirect Energy Emissions


Indirect emissions from external energy production used by the company, such as electricity consumption.

Accomodo bærekraftsrapportering scope 2

Value Chain Emissions


Indirect emissions including material production, transportation, and customers’ use of the product, beyond the company’s control.

Accomodo bærekraftsrapportering scope 3

By providing insights into these aspects, we strive to make sustainability reporting more accessible and meaningful, enabling your company to take the right actions. Together, we are building a sustainable future for your business and society.

Contact us to embark on your journey towards a greener future through accurate reporting. Together, we make a difference with sustainable accounting.

Alf Fjetland

Certified public accountant and sustainability advisor

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