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Accounting, consulting, and sustainability reporting tailored to your future

Future-proof accounting

We use automation, integrations and artificial intelligence (AI) to give you exactly those accounting services you require for your business. This means that you do not pay for services you do not need and keep more of the money you earn.




About us

At Accomodo, our focus is always on our customers’ future. We immerse ourselves in the everyday reality of each customer and work continuously to make the financial side of your business easier and more effective. Automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and a personal approach are three important dimensions of the services we offer. Professionalism, effectiveness and flexibility are three others.

Full control

All of our services are tailored to and integrated with the most common systems and solutions in the market and we have specialist expertise in the various Visma systems.

Visma logo
We have established a partnership with Visma, a supplier of software and services that simplify and digitalise business processes in the private and public sectors.
Logo Vista eaccounting
Visma eAccounting contains a range of smart functions and automations and can be linked to smart solutions for online shopping, payments, work time registration and hundreds of other applications. In addition, there are over 1500 automation options in Zapier and payment apps.
Tripletex logo
Tripletex is an online financial system that also offers possibilities for project management and work time registration. The system is built up of modules that are fully integrated with one another, making it suitable for use by any time of business, regardless of sector or size.
Power Office logo
PowerOffice Go is a complete fully-automated cloud-based system for all types of financial services, including accounting, invoicing, work time registration, payroll and travel expense management. Thanks to various smart functions, the system streamlines invoice reminder processes and debt collection routines and lightens the accounting workload.


We offer the entire spectrum of accounting services, from advice to compliance. You enjoy a good night’s sleep at no extra charge.

Consultancy services

Adding one of our consultants to your team better equips you to make the right decisions and optimise the financial performance of your business.

Sustainability reporting

From Responsible Practices to Precise Reporting. Our expertise blends accounting and sustainability for your success

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