Accounting from A to Z at Accomodo

Accounting from
A to Z

We offer the entire spectrum of accounting services, from advice to compliance. You enjoy a good night’s sleep at no extra charge.

What you need, when you need it

We don’t charge you for anything you don’t need. Our starting point is always your specific needs. We develop a custom solution that is flexible and tailored to your business. You determine the extent of your involvement in your accounting process and can even opt for the entire spectrum of accounting services from A to Z.

Digital accounting saves you time and money

The days of endless rows of filing cabinets filled with paper documents are long gone. Nowadays, all data is sent directly to the software, ensuring that it is stored safely in an encrypted cloud service, giving you fast and secure access to all accounting information.


Simplified everyday routine thanks to our payment service

Payments are a critical component of any business. Since today’s payment services are integrated into the cloud-based software, you not only have complete control of all transfers to and from the bank, but also save time and money because everything is imported and recorded automatically. Payment reminders and collection notifications are also generated automatically by the software.

Complete control of invoices

Control of incoming and outgoing invoices is essential to a healthy financial bottom line, so you may want to consider outsourcing all or part of this task to us. This way, you can be sure that everything will be paid by the payment deadline, whether the invoices are incoming or outgoing. We also make sure that the preparation and sending of invoices, reminder/collection notifications, invoice journal import, documentation and reconciliation of balance sheet entries are dealt with effectively and in full compliance with all laws and regulations.

We take care of payroll administration

Predictable and accurate salary payments are essential to retain good employees. We can take care of all the details, while complying with all government requirements, such as payroll taxes, preparation and submission of end-of-year certificates for salaries, tax payments and reporting to the authorities by the applicable deadlines.


Stress-free annual reporting
Annual reports and accounts are an annual headache for many business owners and are highly time-consuming. We have long and extensive experience with annual reporting for a variety of sectors and optimise the workflow using specialised software, so that the fee for this service is kept as low as possible. We take care of all tax documents and returns and provide general assistance with annual reporting, as well as management and general assembly protocol. If you turn over the responsibility for your account reporting to us, you can be sure everything will be done correctly.

Better budgeting

Our experience is that companies that seek our assistance with their budgeting activities often achieve higher profitability and improved returns. A thorough review of your income and expenditure account and balance sheet provides accurate target figures for your plans, consequently enabling you to make better decisions regarding investments and other commitments. Budget work can also forecast problems before they arise and provide valuable information on discrepancies that require follow-up.

A solid start

Many people dream of ‘starting their own business’, but it is important that this is approached realistically. Considerations like the amount of risk that can be tolerated or the type of company that is best for you are extremely important to address from the very start. The consequences of not doing your homework right can be extremely costly, if not catastrophic.

Let us help you, so you can be sure that everything is in order from day one. We can take care of everything from the establishment documents to registration, and can also provide assistance with VAT payments, budgeting and financing.

Let it go

Most companies benefit from outsourcing services and functions to parties with no relationship to the company’s core business. This lets you focus your efforts and resources more effectively and avoid unnecessary risks and costs. For example, it is often both safer and affordable to outsource data storage and IT operations than to take care of these internally. Not only does this provide you with greater flexibility and scalability, but also ensures that you are using the newest and safest technology.

We help you find the right services and functions to outsource for your company and make sure all agreements are followed up on in a professional and safe manner.

Working abroad?

If you will be working abroad for a shorter or longer period, the first priority is to have all tax issues addressed properly. How long will you be gone? Where will you live? What kind of work will you be carrying out? The answers to these and other questions vary considerably and can have a major impact on wages, taxes and pension, both during your stay abroad and after returning to Norway.

We have long and extensive experience with a wide range of tax and salary issues, both within the EU/EEA and internationally. Let us help you make sure everything is in order, so you can look forward to an enjoyable and problem-free stay abroad.

Smart start-up in 3 easy steps

Are you an entrepreneur with a promising idea or desire to open your own shop? Whatever your dream may be, we can help you get started with the establishment of a limited liability company in a smart and easy way that lets you avoid tying up capital in establishment costs.

Step 1
We prepare the establishment paperwork.

Step 2
You deposit NOK 30,000 into a bank account to cover the share capital.

Step 3
You provide your signature in the Altinn online portal and transfer the establishment costs to a private account (if desired).

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