Accounting A to Z

At Accomodo accounting we adapt our services to accommodate the requirements of the particular industry, type of client and individuals needs.

This implies what? We provide a price quote for any and all parts of the engagement - depending on the degree of involvement from our clients.

Accounting A to Z - entails all activities within bookkeeping, registration, accounts payable, accounts receivable, departmental and project accounts, completion of VAT returns and government related reporting.

Furthermore we attend to incoming and outgoing invoices, payroll, year-end of accounts submission, payment services, consulting and corporate establishment.
"A large number of Norwegian companies choose to outsource the accounting function to an external service provider. That especially concerns the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). However, there is a growing share of larger companies realizing the benefits of outsourcing accounting and finance functions. The main reasons for this trend is that accounting, payroll, tax and duty are complex areas that require expertise that many business professionals do not possess. Such services can be handled better and more cost effectively by a professional provider "(NARF)
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